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Store Update

Wanted to give everyone a heads that I am no longer using Etsy. Loved having a shop on there, but didn't like that I felt like I got fee'd to death with everything that I listed and sold. I'm debating between using the Square Market (the Square card reader) and/or Storenvy. 

Will have a decision by the end of the week maybe even by early next week. Once I decide, I'll post it. 

For now, everything is up for sale on my Facebook page:

Highland City Community Market

Tomorrow is the Highland City Community Market from 8 am - 1 pm at First Baptist Church Of Highland City. Everyone is supposed to be back in the parking lot that is facing Clubhouse Rd beneath the big oak trees. I'll be there as well as a few of the regular vendors. There may be new vendors there as well, but I won't know who they are until I get there in the morning. 

The Market and Church are located at 5410 Yarborough Lane, Lakeland 33812. 

After tomorrow, I'll be at Lake Wales Downtown Farmers Market between Stuart Ave & Park Ave. The market is about a block, block and a half, from the Lake Wales Post Office and the Grand Hotel (huge light green hotel that's being renovated. Can't miss it) or use 205 W. Park Ave., Lake Wales, FL to find us. Or you can always email me at

Upcoming Events!

As long as it doesn't rain on Saturday, I'll be in Lake Wales at the Lake Wales Downtown Farmers Market from 9 am to atleast 1 pm weather permitting. 

The next event where I'll be is 8/17 at the Highland City Community Market at First Baptist Church Of Highland City 5410 Yarborough Lane Lakeland from 8 am to 1 pm.  

I have made a few new pieces just in time for both events. Come on out to one or both events to see the old and the new. 

Highland City Community Market 1 year anniversary

Yes, it's that time of the month again! And by that time of the month, I mean for the Highland City Community Market!!! They are celebrating their 1 year anniversary at this market. I'll be there, of course, with my jewelry and all the avon inventory that I have left, and possibly some Lindt Chocolate!!! 
All of my AVON that I have left will be on sale ranging from $20 and under. 
I'll possibly have some Lindt Chocolate out there, it just all depends on what the temperature is outside that day.

Highland City Community Market and more!!!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

I'm still around and kicking it. I've just been trying to get more jewelry made. Whew!! Long month!! The Highland City Community Market was awesome last month!!! I'll be there again on May 18th! Mother's Day is just 12 days away!!

Have you gotten Mom and/or Grandmom anything yet? If not, there's still time to shop!! Visit

Still live & kicking

Yes, I'm still here. I made it past the day the world was supposed to end (12/21/12 ) which the world couldn't end that day because in Back To The Future Part II, Marty McFly and Doc went to 2015. Anyways, enough of the that. 

Got a little distracted towards the end of the year with the holidays that I didn't really make anything to list in the shop. But it's a new year and I'll have to get on the ball. There's a new coupon code out. Check it out at the shop or on the facebook page. 

If you are interested in seeing all my pieces in person rather than on etsy, here on the blog, or on facebook, message me and we can set up a time & place. 

No new supplies have been bought, but that'll change once things get going. Nothing new other than this ramble of a post. Until next time!


New items

Lots of new items have been placed in the shop. There are a few new Sterling Silver earrings: Amethyst & Hematite, Blue River Shell & Clear Beads, & Carnelian. I also made a few earrings with hypo allergenic fish hook wires. So far, I have 2 made: 1 in silvertone and the other in goldtone. Those 2 have purple glass and clear beads on them. Visit the shop to view these and the other new pieces that are there by going to or shop through facebook at

There are 2 coupon codes that are out right now:

- 1 is for free shipping  anywhere in the U.S. (BLACKFRIDAYWEEKEND12)

and the other is

-10% off (BLACKFRIDAY2012)

Pick the one you want.

Black Friday & the weekend

‎2 coupon codes for today:

Choose either 10% or Free Shipping.

If you choose 10%, use BLACKFRIDAY2012
If you choose Free Shipping, use BLACKFRIDAYWEEKEND12

Both codes are good until 11:59 pm Eastern time on Sunday!

New items

New items have been put in the shop. And there are still more to be listed. Trying to get more pieces done so that I can have more for Turkey Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

Coupon codes will be out starting next week and may be as early as the end of this week. So be on the look out on here and/or on Facebook (JewelryWithNicole). Lots to do and not enough time left to do it. It's crunch time!

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